a little about mIranda

A photographer and artist from Terre Haute, Indiana. After eight years serving in the military, earning her bachelors and establishing a career in the federal government, Miranda relocated to Alexandria, Virginia. She is a graphic designer supporting her Veterans. In her free time you could find her cop a squatting under a tree on her lunch break or drawing subjects along the Potomac River.

Her homes away from home are the Blue Ridge Mts, Bay Ridge Brooklyn, Historic Old Town, scenic turquoise trail, Historic Irvington, watching the sunrise at Montauk Point and back with her fiancé in Speedway, Indiana. She is a dreamer who is working on her second bucket list.

Her work has advanced into a organic, candid and cinematic style. Notable artist that inspire her are photographers Gerhard Richter, Paul Strand, Vivian Maier, Henry Cartier-Bresson and Garry Winogrand. Also painters Philippe de Champaigne, William Edouard Scott and Edouard Monet.